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Discover martinique in one week

La Martinique, l'île aux Fleurs

Martinique is a small Caribbean island with abundant natural resources, including sugarcane and bananas. It is also renowned for its excellent rum. Aptly named the “Island of Flowers,” this little jewel of the Caribbean attracts many travelers eager to lounge on its dreamy beaches, embark on boat excursions, recharge in the heart of its tropical forest, and immerse themselves in its Creole culture.

Often, vacations last only a week. To make the most of these short getaways, certain places are worth prioritizing.

What are the most beautiful beaches in Martinique?

It’s hard to say, as each has its own charms. The most well-known and consequently the most visited is Grande Anse des Salines in Sainte-Anne: two kilometers of white sand, crystal-clear water, coconut trees, and a unique view of Rocher du Diamant… a truly postcard-worthy landscape!

The municipality of Trois Îlets is home to the largest seaside resort in Martinique. This region is renowned for its numerous beaches, spots for water sports, but you can also visit typical places such as Savane des Esclaves, Maison de la Canne, or Hameau de la Poterie, for example.

Découvrir la Martinique et ses plages
La Martinique et ses hot spots

Visiting the Villages of Martinique

Anses d’Arlet is undoubtedly the most photographed village on the island. Probably thanks to its colorful Creole houses, but especially its famous church overlooking the beach pier. It is not uncommon to spot sea turtles frolicking in the turquoise water.

Exploring Nature Reserves

The Caravelle Peninsula is a 400-hectare nature reserve. Visitors can stroll to reach the lighthouse and enjoy a breathtaking panorama. Trails also lead along coves and mangroves. To end on a high note, a visit to a rum distillery is a must. The one at Habitation Clément is the most renowned, located in the midst of a beautiful park in an 18th-century Creole house.

Finally, Martinique is also home to its volcano, Mount Pelée, with the town of Saint-Pierre at its feet. A must-see!

Découvrir la Martinique et sa richesse naturelle